Here’s a few Testimonials from some of our campers…

  • Thanks Coach! ~ My son Merrick had a great time, enjoyed the “life lessons” and enjoyed meeting and playing for Big League Marrick (Crouse). Thanks for your impact on the Kingdom …and the baseball community! Kind regards! ~ Brian
  • Dear Coach Mark~ Thank you for such wonderful 3 days!  Kai loved every single minute of it and so did Todd and I! (Needless to say my dad! :))  You and your team were exceptional. Kai left today inspired about baseball …and about life. He’s mentioned a few times how much he wants to pursue his dream of being a baseball player and an astronaut 🙂  Thank you once again! We hope to do a private session or 2 before we head back to Singapore and we will definitely be in touch every time we get back.  Warm regards and keep on rocking! ~ Claudia and family
  • Dear Coach~ I just wanted to thank you and Shawna and your boys for making Sean feel so welcomed these last 3 days! From the moment we stepped up to check-in each and every morning, your beautiful wife made him feel like she was so excited to see him and you and your boys continued to encourage and train him throughout the day. There were so many great baseball lessons but there were so many great life lessons along the way and I’m particularly thankful for the “godly wisdom” you are passing along to these boys. Who knows what those “seeds” you’ve sown will grow into?! ~ Denise, Scott & Sean
  • Coach Mark ~ Great job as always!!!!  – Derek and Dylan Potvin
  • Coach Mark ~ Chase had a great time! We will definitely be back! Thank you so much for not only teaching the baseball skills …but also about being a good person- he told me all about it! ~Sari
  • Dear Coach Mark ~ We had a blast at all 3 camps this summer!! When I brought Dylan back to his regular daycare today, he asked me if we could do baseball camps every day of summer break!!!!  Thanks!  ~ Derek
  • Hi Coach Mark ~ Wanted to let you know that my son, Brennan, had a great time!  Plan to be back next year.. thank you! ~ Jason
  • Coach Mark ~ I want to tell you what a pleasure it was to have our son attend your camp.  Luke had a blast and really enjoyed your aggressive approach to hitting.  Tuesday evening his team ran into a pitcher with great control and velocity, in fact I believe he struck out 12 batters, gave up zero walks and only 2 hits.  In Luke’s only at bat, he hit the 1st pitch for a single.  I can’t remember having witnessed him swinging at the 1st pitch in @ 3 years, so thank you again for helping to change his approach to hitting. Finally, I want to say that your chalk talk at the end of camp the 1st day was nothing short of awesome.  You communicated to our son some of the very same “life lessons” that we have been trying to convey in a manner that really spoke to him.  This truly is your ministry.  Continue to feed the white dog!  ~ Mark
  • Coach Mark ~ My son Ben really enjoyed your camp again this summer!  Thanks to you, your family and all of the coaches for making your camps such a positive experience. We’ll be back! ~ Angie
  • Coach Mark ~ Thank you to you and your coaches. Both Wyatt and Erik had a blast these three days. They learned a lot and had so much fun! ~ Amy
  • Coach Mark ~ Thank YOU …and your fantastic group of coaches! Ryan had a GREAT time at last weeks camp!  Every day he came home more excited about baseball and relating all the awesome “life lessons” you instilled in the kids.  We use your ” it just takes effort” slogan he learned last year in many aspects of our daily life with Ryan, and during this last camp he has picked up on the “faith vs fear” concept. We truly appreciate the positive messages, the FUNdamental baseball skills, and the obvious dedication you have in making this camp Top Notch!  See you at #3! ~ Leanne, Doug and Ryan
  • Coach! ~ Thank you so much, they had a blast!! They are already asking about your Christmas camp! ~ Kira
  • Hi Coach Mark~ Just wanted to say you and your staff did a awesome job.  I normally would of not put Max in a camp during All Stars, but with the the way the All Stars was going I knew a positive baseball environment would be good for him …and you guys provided that experience.  He had a great time and looks forward to attending again. Thanks again! ~ Daren
  • Coach Mark~ What a fantastic camp!! Tanner had the time of his life and came home with lots of new baseball analogies as well as your awesome faith-driven life lessons. All he wanted to do is go back for more….woke up the day after camp ended and was so sad it was over.  If finances allowed, we would be signing up for more of your camps! The coaches had such great passion for all of the kids …focusing on positivity and encouragement as well as baseball fundamentals. Thank you and your staff for a great camp!! God Bless! ~ Devin
  • Coach Mark ~ My son Jimmy really enjoyed the baseball. And as parents, we appreciated the “life lessons” along the way.  Just the great, family style baseball camp we were hoping for!  We already signed up for the next session because he had so much fun.  Thanks for making it great.  ~ James
  • Hi Coach Mark! ~ Just wanted to thank you and your awesome coaches (and your fabulous wife, Shawna, too!) for yet another wonderful ProKids camp.  Preston looks forward to your camps every summer and every break throughout the year.  Aside from improving his game and enjoying his favorite sport immensely, he really adores all of you!! ~ Laura
  • Hi Coach Mark! ~ Big thank you to you, Shawna and all of the coaches for putting on a great camp. Marty had a blast, and we especially liked the life lessons that went along with the great coaching. ~ Chris
  • Hi Coach Mark ~ My son Will attended his first baseball camp with you this week, and he really enjoyed it. I want to thank you for putting on such a nice camp …and I especially loved your faith filled messages and encouragement. It’s refreshing and so needed. Your communication to parents is wonderful also. ~ Cheryl
  • Thank you Coach Mark …to you and your team of Coaches. Wyatt and Erik has a great time yesterday and came home to practice more in the backyard. Awesome Camp! ~ Amy
  • Thanks Coach!!!  …in Cooperstown All Star Village this week. Nicholas 4-0 and only allowed 4 runs so far #1 seed. Nicholas has hit 6 HR and having great time! Hey, twins won Int’l Pony World Series in TX Last week. Cole was batting champ with. 667 average and Connor MVP of championship game. Beat Philippines, Mexico twice, and Dominican Republic for championship. ~ Steve
  • Coach! ~  Thank you for your dedication to the  kids.  Feed the white dog!  ~ Steve
  • Coach – I just want to say Bryce learned so much this week and had such a great time!  We did Marc Cresse last year and he did not get nearly the amount of one on one time as he did this camp.  Thanks, he learned some real baseball this week and started hitting the ball again:).  I asked him how he would rate the camp on a scale of 1-10 and he said 10!  Last years camp rating was a 5. Thanks so much for the experience,  your coaches did a great job.  I will spread the word with our friends and family! ~ Michelle and John
  • Coach ~  Thank you so much, the boys had a blast. My favorite bit was your talk at the end (which no doubt you had been doing throughout),  you  were very much listened to by the boys …and they have been constantly referencing you. Do you teach private lessons, the boys currently have lessons and want to switch to you. I have no problem with that! Thanks again! ~ Tara and the boys
  • Coach Mark ~  Thank you all for a wonderful three days! Always an inspiring and positive environment …filled with learning and fun. ~ Sorrell & Gavin
  • Hi Coach Mark! Thank you for the inspiring words. Liam had a GREAT time today. I could tell each of the kids was getting a lot of attention, the expectations were very high (for both baseball and behavior / personal comportment), and all the kids seemed totally engaged. I appreciated the life lesson after the scrimmage on accepting the vagaries of relative ref’ing. Your lovely wife lends a nurturing, lighthearted feel to all that “boy” energy. Liam left feeling proud, appreciated and eager to come back.  He can’t wait to come back tomorrow and I can’t wait for little brother (Aidan, 5.5 yrs) to come next summer! See you again. All my best!  ~ Shannon
  • Coach ~ Thanks again for all the great coaching. Max is learning a lot and having fun! ~ John
  • Thanks Coach Mark ~ As usual your instruction worked…he just had his first at bat and hit the ball harder than he has in a long time. He looked really comfortable and loose…like he did in the first half of the season. Thanks again for everything. You’re a great coach and hitting instructor. ~ Brian
  • Hi Coach Mark~ When you have info on your Baseball Camp at the end of June…please get it to me. A lot of parents and coaches have asked what in the world did AJ do over the last year to improve so much in a short time… I tell them ProKids Baseball Academy! They would be very interested in attending your camp. I will get your info in all of their hands. ~ Jim (AJ’s Dad)
  • Hi Coach Mark ~ Thanks so much for a great camp this week!  Kate had a fantastic time and really got some quality instruction. Again, thanks for a great experience this week! ~ Ken and Thanh
  • Dear Coach Mark~ I wanted to thank you and everyone with Pro Kids.  My son Max LOVED his three days of your Christmas Camp.  He loves baseball and wants to learn it all.  You and your team did a great job helping him become a better 9 year old baseball player.  Thank you. ~ Buck
  • Coach Mark ~ Thank you so much for a wonderful 3 day Christmas Camp!  David had an amazing time.  More than anything, we appreciate how much Faith you have in all the boys and how you are able to build this up within the boys themselves. Take care and God Bless! ~ Greg and Alice
  • Coach Mark ~ Thank you for this heartfelt email to your campers and their families.  The one thing I admire so much about you is how much you truly care about the kids and their love of baseball.  That love and concern truly comes out in all that you do and in this very detailed email below.  We feel lucky to have Ethan and Reed a part of your program and in connection with you (and your awesome family…Shawna, You Rock!!!:) ~ Danica & Bob
  • Coach Mark ~ Thank you for an amazing week.  Garrett, who has been not always been interested in sports, loved your camp.  This past spring was his first season playing single A, and every positive experience he can have moving forward only helps develop his love of the game.  You accomplished that this week.  When he came home from camp yesterday, the first thing he asked was “Can I do it over Christmas break?”Thank you and continued blessings to you. ~ Misty
  • Coach Mark ~ Thanks so setting up a very well organized & run baseball camp for our kids! Your staff were friendly and well versed and my son really enjoyed the 3-day program. I have also taken one of your “Coach the Coaches” clinics at our LL and found it to be equally enjoyable and informative. Keep up the good work and thanks again Coach Mark and Pro Kids Baseball Academy! Best Regards! ~ Pat Porter
  • Coach Mark ~ Thank you.  My 6 year old son Zachary aka “Zach Attack” had a great time.  This is his 3rd camp with you; he did one over Xmas last year and one in the spring.  I will confess he was moaning all summer about how he was dreading it because it was “too long….” to be fair, the first 2 camps he was only 5 for…..and I was pretty happy but once the camp started – no moaning and all happiness for 3 days.  Mornings he was happy to be among the first there.   He is so into the water sports in Laguna; thank you for your great camp, as I feel like we brought his love for baseball back for him.  He had to play t-ball this last spring, as he is a month short of cutoff, while all his friends did coach pitch, and he was bored.  I think your camp helped revive his dormant baseball love which he had l;sat winter but which evaporated when he was in t-ball and watching his friends go to coach pitch this spring.  He pounded the ball off the T all spring as one of older kids in t-ball but was not inspired and was bored.  Your camp could not come soon enough. See you at your next camp. Thanks! ~ Dave


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