ProKids Summer Camp #1 Was a Huge Success! Thanks!

Dear ProKids Family,

 I would like to express my deepest appreciation and thanks to you for allowing me and my staff to share in a small chapter of your child’s life. This past week’s ProKids Baseball Academy Camp was nothing short of a Home Run! I also feel so blessed that we as a Coaching staff were able to secure such great Pro’s such as Mike Lamb and Seth Etherton. What makes these two guys most special is that not only do they know baseball at the highest level, but they too are also in the midst of raising a couple of boys as well. Knowing how to be a coach and how to be a dad are a great combination when exercising patience in teaching! I also wish to say thanks to my two sons Casey & Logan for working along side of me as well as my lovely bride Shawna for wiping noses, tying shoes, putting on bandages, applying sunscreen, and running the Camp operations during the week! Great Job Staff!

 During the week we were visited by Paul Higgins of Athletes in Motion, who decided to do a short interview with both Mike and Seth. Check out this link, and see if you can find your son in the segment…

 Here’s one he did with me as well…

 Our Camp Mission Statement is about “Teaching Life Lessons Thru Playing the Game of Baseball” You will  notice that on the back side of our camp t-shirt is a phrase that states “So What?” That is the theme for my camps this 2012 season.

 Let me explain it a bit further… Did you know that in the game of baseball, you are set up to fail. In fact I believe it’s the only sport that does so… Think about it!

 …in basketball, if you are asked to attempt to make 10 free throws, and you only make 3, …simply put …you stink!

 …in football, if you are asked to attempt to kick 10 extra points, and only make 3, …you are booed off the field!

 …go ahead and apply it to other sports as well. It’s the same reaction!

 However! …in the game of baseball, if you were to attempt 10 at-bats, and were able to manage only 3 hits, …not only would you be considered good, but GREAT! …and will likely be making millions of $$ dollars playing this game! …after you receive a full tuition paid scholarship!

 Now the catch! …because there is so much failure experienced while playing the game of baseball at any level, the key to getting to play at the next higher level is… “how well you can handle failure!” If you know that failure is inevitable, and you have realistic goals, and you know the promise of “the sun’s gunna shine tomorrow” you will then be better equipped to use the words… “So What!”  when failure comes your way. What did Rocky say… “Life hits you hard! It’s not how hard we fall, …but instead how fast we get right back up”, …that will allow us to gain ground on our dreams! 

 Now when your son fails to take out the trash, and you call him on it,  …and he uses the words  “So What!” Well, …it will teach him another lesson! …Be responsible for your actions! Getting your butt smacked with a belt hurts! …in short, Don’t mess with mom!

 You also may wish to ask your son about the “White Dog” vs. “Black Dog” story that I shared about the young Native American Indian brave who struggled with making his daily decisions based on the “voices” he was hearing in his head. Go ahead! …ask him. It’s a great story! …ask him “what dog you feedin?’” I truly believe that so many great life lessons can be taught and discovered while playing this awesome game with great leadership at the helm.

 When it comes to camps, I know you have many to choose from. I’m so honored that you would choose ProKids Baseball Academy. If you feel that this was a great choice, I would love it if you spread the word amongst your circle of friends and team mates. Since I don’t have an advertising budget, I rely on the good words and efforts of friends like you to help me promote my camps. It’s so nice that I get to do this within my own local community.

 Oh yeah! …by the way, while at camp your sons also learned the fundamentals of sliding, running bases, pitching, fielding, tag ups, stealing bases, catching fly balls and hitting! They also got to play in three full games! …and lots of Dodgeball in between!

 If you are interested in attending another camp, you can go to my website  and register today. (I have attached a flyer if you wish to share it with a friend).

 Camp #2 will be July 9th, 10th & 11th atChapparosaPark (same location)

 Camp #3 will be August 20th, 21st & 22nd atBearBrandPark, Laguna Niguel

 If you enjoyed this past weeks camp and have something good to say about it, I would love to hear back. I will also begin a blog at my website where you can post comments!


I also would love to have you as a Facebook friend at either Mark Przybylak or ProKids Baseball Academy if you are interested!

 So thanks once again for sharing your son and your support! This is a family business, and I’m so happy to have you in our fold! I pray that God will continue to bless all of us with health, happiness and “life lessons” thru all that we do. I pray for the guidance of the “White Dog”, and the ability of being able to say “So What” at life’s challenges, …and I pray that God will continue to smile upon you and your families dreams!

 Go get em’…

 God Bless!

 Coach Mark


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