A Typical Day at “Train Like the Pro’s”

What the ProKids Academy Skills Sessions Provide: 
Kids Learn PRO SKILLS at ALL Levels
  • Little League Baseball: A, AA, AAA and Major Div.
  • Club/Travel Baseball: 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U & 13U Div.
  • PONY League Baseball: Mustang and Bronco Div.

ProKids is the best baseball academy my
son has ever attended.” – Bryan’s dad

Majors -70′ bases, 50′ pitchers mound
Minors – 60′ bases, 44′ pitchers mound

Here’s the basic subjects taught at the Academy plus much more…

situational hitting, squeeze bunting, sacrifice bunting, lead off’s, stealing, base running, receiving signals, sliding and more…


fielding infield grounders (five ways), proper footwork and throwing technique, playing and understanding “your” position in the infield, fielding in the outfield, pop flies and grounders, cut-offs relays and backups, situational defense, drills, drills and more drills…


pitching from the stretch, holding runners, pick off moves, pitcher fielding practice (PFP’s), pitchouts, slide-step, bunt coverage and more…

*Private Pitching / Hitting and Catchers lessons:

 Lessons are available on an individual basis. Call Coach Mark to schedule your appointment.

Private Lessons, Group
Lessons and Clinics


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